Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Knitting progress...the recycled bag bag is coming along nicely. I seamed it last night and started one of two handle straps today. I'm really sick of knitting with plastic bag strips. I plan on having it finished by the self appointed Earth Day 2008 deadline.

In Apartment Therapy 8 Step Home Cure news I'm making progress. Let's see what have we done so far.

Front closet cleared out, replaced plastic hangers with wood hangers, washed winter coats.

The living room is currently housing a big old mountain of baby stuff that is awaiting donation. This is a tough one. We are 99.9999% sure our family is done. But it's still hard to say goodbye to baby gear. The small hutch is now holding table linens and some table ware stuff. I have an Uppercase Living decal waiting to be put up. I'm thinking of doing that at the end of the Cure.

The dining room. The hutch that used to hold china/glassware and assorted kitchen things has moved to Dave's Man Cave in the basement and is now displaying LP's and various Geek things. The dining room is not large and the hutch's footprint was just too big. China and glassware are packed up for now and residing in the basement with the exception of the stuff we use on a regular basis, vases and clear glass plates/desert bowls. In place of the hutch we brought up Dave's pos black bookshelves. Oh they are awful in daylight. The shelves now house E's craft stuff and board/card games. The awful bookshelves are a placeholder until we figure out a more attractive/functional storage solution.

The dinign room currently houses a number of boxes of old papers that need to be weeded out including several boxes of E's preschool stuff that needs to be culled and stored for prosperity. Neither are jobs I'm looking forward to.

The kitchen was culled last week. For whatever reason I culled but did not wipe down/clean everything last week so I'm doing that this week. Having less stuff in the cabinets makes cleaning much easier. Not looking forward to detail cleaning the stove and fridge.

I went through my clothing in the master bedroom and changed out the winter bed linens with the sumer bed linens. I went through my armoire and culled a ton of socks. Socks are like hangers they multiply. I went through H's clothing, still need to go through E's. Overall the upstairs bedrooms are in decent shape.

The upstairs bathroom is ok. I continually cull but the medicine cabinet is in dire need of a good go through. I'd love to do new towels, rugs and a shower curtain in there.

Dave already moved the AV stuff a few weeks ago so the cord monster has been tamed, and we went wireless a month or so ago so that's done. No more cat 5 running through the house. E helped me sort the vhs/dvd's into grownup and kid categories. The little blue trunk is now home to only kid friendly video and the cd's and more adult, not that kind of adult, videos are in the brown trunk. The brown trunk used to house my candle stuff and some stuffed animals from my youth and an antique crazy quilt. The stuffed animals and quilt now live in my office. Most of the candle stuff was culled. We also got rid of a particleboard video tape cabinet. H could pry it open, he was so proud, and make a huge mess of the videos. Otherwise the family room is in good shape.

Downstairs bathroom, it is ok for now. We will blow it up and redo eventually but in the meantime it's fine.

My office/guest room/yarn haven. Oy. I have culled and reorganized like mad. The next goal is to go through the closet, again, with the goal of being able to store my desk chair in there out of sight when we have company. The plan is a computer armoire to hide the computer and it's peripherals. I shifted two of my four bookcases in an attempt at a more balanced looking bookcase wall. Not sure if it worked or not. Did free up a wall outlet. Dave hung a curtain rod for me tonight. I need to work on the curtain a bit. It's going to be time to get out the sewing machine soon. The companion cube also needs a bit of sewing in prep for the steeking! The office is coming together. I love this little space.

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