Thursday, June 12, 2008

Holy Crap I Finished Crumpets

Four + years later the little dress is now a top but it's done. It's DONE! I feel like a rock star. Crumpets is DONE! As usual my pictures bite, but I don't care. I'm going to take E to have her picture taken in Crumpets soon, then I will have a nice bright picture of one of my most pretty but annoying FO's to date.

Check out my other FO of the evening. The Blue Bag is finished! I found some fun blue and brown grosgrain at JoAnn's. Would have liked it to be a little thicker but the color is spot on. This bag rocks. The picture is blah but the bag is awesome.

While I had the sewing machine out I also had my thread stash out. I LOVE my thread stash. It's Mom's, Grandma Martha's, Grandma Janette's, and my thread all living together in Grandma Janette's old sewing basket. I have vintage thread on wooden spools, I have silk, I have carpet thread, I have cheap as free 1970's thread from K-mart I have German thread... I rarely buy thread for projects. I have a nice stash to pick through.

While I'm feeling like a rock star maybe I should get a pair of clear chucks. They were mentioned in a Knitters for Obama thread that I was reading today. They are clear, so your hand knit socks show through. How cool. Not that I'm a big sock knitter, but the shoes are cool.

I must link the pattern for a Felted Cat Fez. I was a stitcher for the now defunct Berea Summer Theater for 5 summers. The now divorced then husband wife costuming team had this unwritten rule that every show needed a Turban and a Fez. It was amazing how many shows had a Turban and a Fez, and they worked. I so need to knit up a Felted Cat Fez. I think I might even know a cat that would be chill enough to wear one for a picture.

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