Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Knitted Shopping Bags

The kids and I stopped by JoAnn's to get some kitchen cotton this morning. I've been contemplating knitted shopping bags for Christmas/birthday gifts this year. Both my Stepmother and MIL have birthday's in December so I strive to have 2 gifts of some sort for them.

So I've been trolling Ravelry for knitted shopping bag patterns for some time. I've decided I want to try the following patterns.

Saturday Market Bag from the now defunct Magknits, but thankfully can be found on Ravelry.

Everlasting Bagstopper from Knitty.

Fantasy Natural Market Bag from Plymouth Yarn

Sundance Market Bag from Classic Elite Yarns

I cast on an Everlasting Bagstopper today with Bernat Baby Cotton in Baby Blue. It's a huge 400 g ball of cotton love. I'm done with the garter stitch bottom and am into the yo k2tog pattern.

While I'm posting pictures I will share a picture of the latest Hedgie who is waiting for a ride in the washing machine. Oh he is cute. Time to collect some towls to wash in hot with him.

I found out there is going to be a non Yarn Harlot sponsored Summer Knitting Olympics on Ravelry. I've put the dates on the calendar. Now to decide what to knit. I knit Shedir for Tracy during the first Knitting Olympics in 2004. I'm thinking socks, maybe the Monkey socks I've had in the queue. Not sure if I could do a pair of socks in 17 days. I need to percolate on my entry.

We had a beautiful day yesterday. The kids and I were outside most of the afternoon. Today it rained. So no outside play today. Today was E's Half Birthday. She is offically 5.5. We had a cake but not much else. We read and played inside today.

I'm excited about the knitted bags. As much as I love wool the cotton is feeling good in the summer heat.

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