Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baskets, Dr, Horrible and the Ravelympics

I have two awesome knitting baskets. Did a little digging online today turns out they are Bolga baskets from Ghana. Dad found them a few years ago. They were a bit out of shape so I wet them down and reblocked them. They've been hardworking knitting baskets ever since. I love these baskets.

Dr Horrible is back on Hulu for free and on Whedontube. E is going out of her skull asking to watch Dr Horrible so she can sing along. Here's an interview with NF at Comicon.

I'm so excited about the upcoming Ravelympics. Yes I decided to participate. Casey has been doing some sweet code fu for the Ravelympics. I"m entered in the Sock Put event with four teams, Team Ohio, Team Obama, Team Mine and the so far largest team, Team Tardis. I'm knitting a pair of Monkeys with my Crazy4Dying sock yarn. Woot!


Mary said...

Hi karen I love the baskets.Mother has a nice little basket she used to collect eggs in like the little one you have.Also Have you seen the trailer for the upcoming Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Movie.IF Not go check it out Id like to know what ya think about it...Mary In southern Ohio

Sourire11 said...

I'm with you on Team Ohio!!!