Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Can You Not Know?

Today was a long day. Hosted my first playgroup/lunch in ages. The kids made sponge balls. Had my first Ravelry meet up today. Had a lovely visit with chocolatesheep who is visiting the area and my local knitting buddy J. I have Dalek filled pics to share, soon. :-)

In non knitting news.

Regular commenter Mary from Southern Ohio, Hi Mary, asked me my opinion on the Half Blood Prince trailer.

Commence possible Spoilers

My first viewing of the trailer reminded me of a movie theater experience from a few years back. Can't recall the film we were seeing but it was a packed house of excited fans. The trailer begins for the movie Volcano (1997). It's about this giant volcano that's been lurking under L.A. and finally decides to burst above ground, panic and carnage ensue. During the trailer a person down in front of the theater in a loud, clear voice so everyone can hear declares "How Can You Not Know you have a Volcano under your city?" The crowed roared with laughter.

That's a bit how I felt after my first viewing of the HBP trailer. They really sell it hard that Riddle is evil. How could Dumbledore not know? Yes Dumbledore was mortally ill at the time Harry asked him if he knew Riddle was evil but we are not supposed to know that. Dumbledore sees the good in people, Snape for example. The trailer seemed to be setting up Dumbledore as being a bit dim. We shall see.

I checked out a few related videos after watching the trailer a few more times. Looks like Quidditch is back for 6 and that Ron is going to provide some comedy to offset the obviously dark parts.

The trailer looks great. The water shot of Harry putting his face into the Pensive was cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the upcoming trailers. Allison decided that she wants to go see HP6 in IMAX at 12:01 opening day. I'm all for Daniel Raddcliffe on the BIG screen.

Must get sleep.

Edited to add one more thing about the HP6 trailer. It also reminded me of the story The Secret Garden. Made me want to go hug E & H, and be a better Mom. Riddle needed a hug.

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Mary said...

I havent checked out any other videos yet ...but i did hear theres a new book going to be avaliable to us.After months of anticipation and secrecy, The Tale of Beedle the Bard, a collection of wizardly fairy tales penned by Rowling and referenced in the final installment of the Harry Potter series, will be made available for sale to the public.Right now it can be ordered at amazon...But its like 100 dollers...SIGH..Mary