Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fan Girl

Have you watched? The third act went live today. I liken it to The Tick meets Soundheim meets Firefly. Singing Cowboys! Evil Angst! A kicking evil lair. Voldemort? NPH singing while wearing welding goggles and rubber gloves!

Let's put it this way. My desire for continued access to Dr Horrible got me to load itunes on my computer. I don't listen to music much outside the car, then it's NPR, WCBE or WOSU. Until now I've had no interest in messing with itunes or paying for web content.

Turns out itunes now carries Torchwood, but no Doctor Who. A season of Torchwood is about 25 and change or 1.99 an episode. I was just thinking I would like to find high quality, subtitle, commercial free eps of Torchwood. Admittedly I will probably wait for the US dvd set for all of the extra features. September 16th is not that far away.

Oh and of course there is a Ravelry group for Dr Horrible.

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