Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rambling, Branching and Going Dark

Making steady progress on Rambling Rows. I have blocks 1-23 compete. It's bright and cheerful in person but the acrylic is not so fun in this heat.

After checking out my Holiday Knitting status and the 90 degree heat we've been experiencing I started a cotton market bag that I've dubbed the Everlasting Fantasy Branching Out Bag. The bottom is Everlasting Bagstopper, the sides Branching Out and the top/handles Fantasy Natural Market Bag. Should be interesting.

Dr. Horrible goes dark tonight. I successfully installed itunes and bought a season pass to Dr. Horrible. Turns out itunes is quite disappointing as a media player. Even with no other programs running the video and sound do not sync, and lurch along, not smooth or pleasing at all. My machine is not rocket fast new but it's not exactly a dino either. The plan is to upgrade my ram sometime in the near future, that will hopefully improve performance.

In the meantime E and I have been watching Dr. Horrible online pretty much non stop all weekend. She seems to just love Dr. Horrible and the music in general. She's been singing her own version of the opening song "With My Freeze Ray" over and over much to Dave's annoyance. I'm looking forward to getting a copy of the offical soundtrack so she can learn the words a bit better.

Speaking of soundtracks we have a copy of De'Lovely, the Cole Porter musical/drama/bio pic waiting for us at the library. We have a copy of the movie from the library and E LOVES the musical numbers. She's been singing "Let's Fall in Love" and "Night and Day" for a few days now. The plan is to get the soundtrack and listen to it in the car.

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Sourire11 said...

Rambling rows looks AWESOME!!!

ok - i'm going to go check out this Dr. Horrible thing. I do love me some NPH.