Thursday, July 10, 2008

Doctor Who Spoilers!

Doctor Who Season 4 finale spoilers to follow.

I took a bit of a Doctor Who viewing break for a few months. Ended up watching the entire 4th season online over the last two days. Wow. Loved the Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventure tie ins for the final two episodes. Dave watched a bit of the end with me. During the big celebration I asked him when the Ewoks were going to show up. Now to find the Sarah Jane Adventures online.

I've been using a combination of Live TV Shows, Veho and Ninjavideo to watch online. No one site has everything. The number of shows out there is mindbolgling, the amount I have NO interest in is astounding. So much tv.

Believe it or not Ravelry is my first choice for reading up on the Doctor and Torchwood. Between Who Knits, Torchwood and I dye for Doctor Who I get a good dose of fan discussion in a fairly good natured, friendly environment.

Did not realize I'd gone through Capt. Jack withdrawal. Oh the flirting. Jack flirted with Sarah Jane and Donna flirted with Jack. Oh boy. Love the flirting. Love the double entendres. Three Doctors? Yes I know what you are thinking Jack.

In non Doctor Who/Torchwood news I miss E like crazy. She is loving her swimming lessons and time with Grandma. Aunt Katie is in Oz by now for World Youth Day. Very excited to hear about her adventures.

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