Monday, July 07, 2008

Thank You

Thank you so much for the kind words about Tracy. She was a good friend right up to the end. I've been thinking of our fun times.

I have a bit of the bulky Socks that Rock left over from her Unoriginal Hat. I've been thinking of knitting it up into a coaster for my desk.

H's Weasley sweater is coming along nicely. The collar is done and I've started a sleeve. As I was emailing my sister today "the cute will consume you." Oh I hope it fits ok because the cute will be unavoidable.

We took H to Children's today to get his crunched glasses fixed and to order his next pair. A visit to Children's always puts things in perspective.

Dave's been saying blasphemous things lately. For example the hardware store is a need while the yarn store is a want. I have to choose my battles sometimes. But he redeemed himself when he said that when he watches me knit H's Weasley sweater he thinks of H, the boy who lived. I strive to be grateful for what I have and not dwell on what I've lost.

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