Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Four: Progress

Ok it's technically Day Five and I'm up way too late. Making progress. Picked up stitches for the first gusset during breakfast. Did not have much time to knit during the day. Completed gussets on both socks and through the next repeat on one sock while watching prime time Olympic coverage. Loving the swimming and gymnastics.

I need to work out a system to do the gusset decreases. I feel out of control when I do the decreases, maybe I should do tick marks on my pattern. Just don't feel confident when doing the decreases. I somehow managed to do both sock gussets the same at least as far as I can tell.

Now I'm past the gussets and will go back to knitting one pattern repeat per sock then switching to the other sock until I get them the desired length.

Then it's Toe Time!

I am loving the Olympic coverage. I've had the tv on way too much today, but I've enjoyed watching as much coverage as I can. The new to us digital channels are interesting. Seems like no matter how many channels you have there can be nothing on. Unless the Olympics are on. Turns out the kids programing on WOSU is on the one remaining analog channel. So we have to turn off the converter box to watch Word Girl. I hope that the kids programing does not disappear when they turn off the analog signal. We love Word Girl.

Must add this super sweet commercial featuring Cullen Jones a member of the Men's relay team.

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