Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Green Anklet

Behold the Green Anklet sock. Yes it exists. Making slow but consistent progress. I'm following Yarn Harlot's basic sock recipe. Love the Claudia Hand Paint sock yarn.

We were in the car quite a bit today. Went North a bit to help Great Grandma on Dave's Dad's Side Celebrate her 85th Birthday. I'm pretty sure I have enough yarn for two.

Tossed the stash a little bit tonight. Also went through my office shelves a bit. Just finished reading It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh. Our home is not Clean Sweep worthy but I do have quite a bit of stuff that I'm reluctant to part with just yet. Walsh talks about stuff taking up precious space in your home. Yes you often paid money for your things but it also costs money to have them in your home.

Walsh asks you to ask yourself what kind of life do you want to lead. What do you want out of your home? How much time do you want to spend looking for things. I know I get pissed really fast when I can't find something in my relatively uncluttered home. Maybe it's time to do a bit more decluttering.

Hence the office shelf work this evening. I culled a bit, threw out a bit and reorganized a bit. Walsh suggests only having the amount of stuff, for example books, that will fit in your home. If you have x # of liner feet of bookshelf stick with that and no more. Don't go out and buy more shelves. Pare down what you have. That's hard. Books, china, family linens, Holiday decorations, so many things are connected to memories. It's a matter of disconnecting the items from the memories. That's what I really liked about the Apartment Therapy Home Cure and it's Out Box. I found it easier to part with items after they spent some time in the Out Box. Yes I'm itching for some more pitching.

In other knitting news I did a bit of stash diving tonight and found four pumpkin and brown skeins of Wool of the Andes for a Double layer Hat for Dad. His birthday is in October so a fall colored hat sounds appropriate. Now to just at least finish my first of 2 green anklet socks.

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