Saturday, August 23, 2008


Our bedroom a few minutes ago....

Dave's cell phone on the nightstand vibrates. Dave rustles around to check cell phone.

Dave "It's Biden"

Karen "What time is it?"

Dave "3:20"

Karen (paraphrased) "There was talk they would send it at 3AM, like the 3AM ad. They said it would be this morning. There was talk it was Biden because of a chartered plan. The cable news pundits are supposedly going nuts."

Dave "The page was received at 3:19"

Karen "There was talk of the number of texts crashing the system"

Dave "It's probably set up around Twitter."

Karen "I'm going to go check it out online."

Dave "It's 3:20Am!"

Karen is already stumbling downstairs towards the computer.

I've been waiting for this text. I'm not one to hover around my cell but I've been hovering the last 24 hours. Part of me had visions of thousands of cell phones going off during the convention right as the VP nom came on stage. Ok, not practical, but imagine the drama.

The texting idea is brilliant. I'm looking forward to my "Did you vote yet? Don't forget to vote Text"come Nov 4th.

UPDATE 3:38AM Just checked Ravelry. Yes I go there for news, at least it's not FARK. Looks like the story broke a few hours ago. I'm glad we found out from the text. The Obama campaign really had the media going for quite some time there.

UPDATE 4:05AM Sounds like the Secret Service arriving in their fleet of black SUV's was the big leak, you know the media was staked out at the top prospects homes. Then ABC/CNN started talking. If this is true then I'm glad that the Obama camp waitited until Biden was under protection before sending out the offical text.

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Sourire11 said...

That's so cool that you got a text when the veep was picked! I found out the next morning and was sortof in disbelief about it. I figured he would wait until after the Olympics to announce...