Friday, September 19, 2008

No I Don't Like IKE

Grandma Janette had a box of Madame Alexander dolls, dresses and doll furniture for the grand daughters to pay with while visiting.  There was even an "I like Ike" square scarf.  I just goggled that it was from the 1952 election.  

Well I must admit I'm not particularly fond of the Hurricane IKE.  We lost power Sunday night during IKE's residual wind all the way up north in Ohio.  The electrical damage was more severe then the Christmas Ice Storm of 04.  Our power was restored around 11:30AM today, Friday.  It's the longest I can remember going without power since the massive blizzard of 1977 when we lived in the basement for several days.

I know I should not complain, thankfully we did not have any damage, only lost a few tree branches.  The weather's been downright lovely so the kids and I have spent a ton of time outside enjoying the backyard.  We have a gas water heater so we had hot water to bath and wash dishes.  

We did loose the contents of the fridge and freezer, thankfully I don't keep it stocked too well so we did not loose that much food.  I'm seriously thinking about going with a gas stove when we eventually replace our electric stove.  

I really missed being to read news and blogs online.  On the upside I spent more face time with the kids.  I need to do that more and be in front of the computer monitor less.  I can be outside with the kids and knit or read.  I re read Fearless Fourteen and read Buying In:  The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are: by Rob Walker.  I'll hopefully write on Buying In soon.

I managed to get some knitting done.  I have the bottom half and one sleeve done for Dave's Cobblestone.  So far so good.  I'm a bit worried it might not fit over his beefy arms and chest. He's not freakishly big or anything, just solid and stocky.  We shall see.  

Here's a picture of E and H waiting for the bus yesterday.  Yes H is rocking that sweater vest.  

E was so happy this afternoon when she came home from school and found out we had power back.  Oh she was happy.  I'll admit I was positively giddy after it went back on this morning.  The first thing I did, after calling Dave and my sister was start a load of laundry.  Three loads later I have some laundry to attend to.

Happy Knitting!


the secret knitter said...

Glad you've got power back. It's been a mess but, all things considered, nothing like those who got the full blast of the hurricane. Still, to think that a friend of mine was griping that declaring a state of emergency in Ohio wasn't necessary. (He had power, of course.)

freshisle said...

Wow, I didn't realize the winds went that far north. Glad you're okay. I always think it's amazing how much other stuff I can get done when the power is out!