Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Josh Grobin at the Emmy's

Only watched a small portion of the Emmy's on Sunday night. Thankfully I did catch Josh Grobin's TV Theme Song Medley. I'm not a big Grobin fan girl but I do know who he is and have heard a bit of his work.

Based on the video I would LOVE to hear him do the entire theme to The Jeffersons. I remember watching The Jeffersons as a child. I realise that much of the social commentary of the day was lost on me as a child but I enjoyed the interplay between George, Louise and Florence.

With all of the remakes and sequels being done I would love to see a current day LOVE Boat with B and below list actors. As a little girl I thought it would be fun to be Vicky the Captain's daughter.

The only theme that just does not fit for me is 2 and a Half Men, it just does not fit. I do not 'get' 2 and a Half Men. Awful. Much like I do not get Everybody Loves Raymond, it's just not funny, or Seinfeld. Never understood Seinfeld.

In knitting news I'm making steady progress on the second Cobblestone sleeve. I am itching to get to that beautiful short rows yoke of garter stitch love.

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