Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Coffee Cup or Can Cosy

Tonight was the last Presidential debate for this election cycle. Since I do not want to put the negative energy I've been feeling on debate days into my current knitting I've been working on Obama themed knits. So far that's been coasters. For tonight I thought I would branch out a bit, try a new technique.

Behold the Obama Coffee Cup or Can Cosy (Ravelry). There is a reference to Armenian Knitting in the pattern so I went googling and found this pdf which briefly describes the basic concept of Armenian Knitting. There are several books on Armenian Knitting but I wanted simple and accessible.

Let it be known that I pretty much sucked at Armenian Knitting on my first try. Not sure it's for me. The little can cozy is cute and might make a fun little cuff for the kids after a trip through the washing machine. Yes I'm a bit obsessed with felting.

Speaking of felting. H and I found a copy of Interweave Felt at JoAnn's today. I've been looking for a copy for over a week now. Yeah I have a copy!

E went on a field trip today to a Fruit Farm. She picked a half peck of apples off a tree herself. She was quite proud. H kept asking for E while she was away for the whole day instead of just half a day.

Oh and I'm on Facebook. Dave and I are finding a ton of people from high school. It's been fun.

I'm thougly enjoying my Twilight reread. So looking forward to the movie.

So tomorrow it's back to E's mittens and many starting a pair of socks. We shall see.

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Sourire11 said...

I'm loving all of your obama logo knitting! Let's hope he holds onto his lead!