Monday, October 20, 2008

Sock Progress

I finished the first sock yesterday and started the second after the kids were in bed.  I watched the end of season 1 of Ugly Betty way too late.  I made great progress on the second sock until I got too sleepy and started getting sloppy.  Must remember to not knit sleepy.  

I had some prime knitting time today and this evening and have turned the heel, done the gusset and am starting the foot/instep part of the second sock.  Today I watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle while H took his nap.  I watched the sequel last week, or was it two weeks ago. 

Dave expressed interest in the original Ocean's Eleven movie last week.  So I reserved the original and the remake from the library.  I've not seen either.  The plan is to watch the original then the remake then compare and contrast.

E has a wicked cough.  I'm feeling better and H seems to be doing better.  But poor E is coughing up a storm.  She is getting better.  But I have a feeling the cough is going to persist.  Ick.

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