Friday, November 14, 2008

Felted Fun

E's Felted Ballerina Slippers

Green Hedgie most likely for buddy Vera.

Did a little felting today. Instead of two or three short cycles through the wash I did one long cycle. The little slippers are just about as prefect as possible. Now to decide how to make them less slippery. The mohair bloomed beautifully. E is delighted with her new slippers.

The Green Hedgie turned out cute. He is my first try at a different colored face. He sort of looks like he is wearing a little romper. I'm thinking for the next one I will try for a little t-shirt. Debating if it would need pants or not. Would a pant free Hedgie be creepy? Can cute be creepy?

Now to return to the Ravelry Queue to figure out what to knit next. I finally printed up my 2008 Christmas Countdown planner. It's technically week 3 of 6 already but I don't do much decorating, or baking, or entertaining so I'm not that behind. It just has not felt like the holiday season yet until I printed up the pages.

Speaking of printing. Dave set up the new printer for me. I could have done it myself but he did it for me while I was out knitting for the second Thursday in a row. Yeah. So far so good. It even prints directly on cd/dvds. Have not tried that yet.

I think I might need to knit a Cat Fez. I have a boatload of that Rich Red Paton's Classic Merino, that would be great for a Cat Fez, and it could count as a Holiday gift.

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