Sunday, November 16, 2008

WT: Progress

I'm working steadily to make small changes towards the larger goal of feeling a bit more put together. I'm moisturizing my face again. I went out and bought a new foundation garment last week. I'm enjoying my new yoga pants.

Let's see. In non knitting or WT but still fun to me news I reworked my office/guest room yesterday. I had my computer desk sort of hanging out between the foot of the bed and the wall to create a BFZ (Baby Free Zone) to slow down H's access to my bookshelves. The desk placement served a necessary function but was not pretty, at all. Yesterday, with Dave's help I moved my desk back into the closet. The BFZ is now open for free range H-Man access. So far so good. The plan is to buy or make curtains to cover the the closet opening. The wooden closet doors are back in basement storage.

I moved the little writing desk and moved in the old trunk to the wall at the foot of the bed. Dave hoisted the old tv and dvd/vcr on top of the trunk. So now the office/guest room has a pseudo hotel room like feel, at least to me. I'm loving the new arrangements.

Dave and I swapped the kitchen and dining room tables on Saturday as well. It's amazing how moving the furniture you already have around a bit can give the house a welcome change.

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