Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Prep and WT

Went to IKEA today to do some Holiday shopping. Brought home quite the haul. I did a bit of recon last night online and I had my trusty Master Gift List/Plan in my hot little hand during the trip. Only bought one impulse buy that was not on the list, an apple cutter/corer to replace the last one I broke several months back. I'm not completely done with Holiday shopping but I'm much closer after today's trip.

No wait two impulse buys. I bought Dad a stuffed Hedgehog Momma and Baby toy set. They had to come home with me for Dad. He loves his stuffed Hedgehog collection. Even brought the felted ones with him for the visit this weekend. Here Let me show you them. Yes I took a picture. I should totally LOL this picture. Hedgie Lurvs Teim Nau? I can Haz Hedgie Luv?

From left to right we have Cinnamon, Mocha, Caramel, and Midnight. Dad loves them. My Father is Knitworthy. Fellow knitters know what I'm talking about. There I even got a bit of knitting into this post.

While driving to and from IKEA today I started two new Hedgies, both with Telemark Curry colored tummies. Curry or Carrot Cake would be good names. At least one will have cream colored paws and fur. Totally looks like carrot cake.

Back to shopping. IKEA is a tightrope walk of impulse shopping temptation for me. So many fun little items at low prices. But I stuck to my list. That helps. Much like sticking to the WT list of what I want to find to round out my wardrobe. Why buy what I don't need.

On to WT. In lieu of pictures I'm going to list out the items from the last list.

Black/grey Land's End parka for everyday wear. Warm, stealth, utilitarian, lots of spiff pockets to put stuff.

Land's End Corduroy Jean Jacket, love this jacket, but no functional pockets, boo.

New to me reversible pink and white down filled vest from MIL. Looking forward to trying it out this winter.

Long black wood dress coat from high school. Bit beat up and the style is a bit dated. Would like to replace.

Mom's hooded tan/black London Fog lined raincoat. Classic, in good shape, happy memories, fit's fine.

Gloves and hats

I'm a knitter. I have a TON of hats, matter of what I'm feeling like at the time. I have a nice pair of black leather gloves that Dave gave me a few years ago for a wedding anniversary. Love them.

Scarves worn primarily for warmth rather than for decoration

I have a few that I've knitted but am not crazy about. Have a few lace scarves I could bring out into rotation. I have one cream polar fleece scarf I like to wear.

Shoes and boots

Brown, should have bought black, Land's End snow boots, kind of like hiking boots, very warm, comfy and in good shape.

Recently bought a new pair of black heeled boots for dress up, not everyday wear. Will need to post a picture. The plan is to knit up some boot cuffs to wear with them.

Regular day to day shoes. Still slogging along with grey New Balance tennis shoes, comfy but getting worn out fast. One pair of pink/white tennis shoes that are still in ok condition. I got rid of a ton of old tennis shoes last spring.

I'm looking for a black, mary jane styled shoe for everyday, must be low key and comfortable. I'm looking at Keen's, Clark's Merril, etc.

For formal/dress up I have a pair of black strappy heels, a brown pair of heeled mules and a pair of black character shoes from high school, they are in great shape and still fit, they are good for a night out dancing.

Socks and stockings
Time to go through the socks. I love Thorlos socks. I have two pair and plan on replacing old socks with more over time. I also like Smart Wool socks. Very nice.

Love cute little Holiday socks, penguins, Santa's, frogs, etc. The sillier the better. I don't have a ton of them and most are gifted to me. I find them fun. I will not wear a Holiday glitzed up sweater/sweatshirt but I love a pair of often hideous themed socks.

Stockings I don't wear very often but the stash is sufficient. Might check on them and fill out as needed.


Purse? What's that? I carry a black Lands End backpack diaper bag when out with the kids. It's time to replace the backpack, but I like having both arms free when out with the kids.

If I'm out and about with my knitting I carry one of my two hand woven Bolga Market baskets that Dad gave me. They are sturdy, functional and often serve as conversation starters. Many people have commented on my baskets.

I have a black and brown suede tote that I like to carry if I'm out with out the kids. I suppose it is the closest thing to a purse.

I do own one purse. It's orange and brown. Allison gave it to me. It's cool but a bit small. Not enough for going out with the kids.

The Five Love Languages

On to other WT questions. Both Dave and I took the Five Love Languages quiz. Our results were similar with most points going to touch, words, service, time and zero for gifts. We have friends who are very into this book/system. Might be fun to read the book.

On to the chewy questions from the last post

  • What's your Status Symbol? That is, what quality do you want people to value you for? Ideally I would like to be valued for my being, my words, my skills, my gifts and even for my flaws, not by my wardrobe. Yet I realize that I am constantly appraised by others by my appearance.
  • Do you want this quality to be reflected in your wardrobe? You're allowed to say "no." It's possible that the role of your wardrobe is to fit in quietly, rather than to make a statement. I strive to have a simple, but not frumpy, clean, well maintained, put together wardrobe that is comfortable and utilitarian without being too monotonous. So I suppose that is a no. My clothing is not a fierce statement.
  • If you want this quality reflected in your attire, how? Not sure if this fits here but I try to stay away from blatant branding for both me and the kids.
  • Is there any garment or accessory that you always wear? If so, what does it represent to you? What about items that you frequently wear or that you ritually wear on certain occasions? A wedding band/ring I have three that I rotate, wedding set and then my titanium band. My wedding rings represent the commitment and love between me and my husband. I wear my watch for practical purposes, to tell time.
I have a black suit that I've worn to too many funerals. I have a black dress I've worn to quite a few weddings.

Enough for now.

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Sourire11 said...

Yeah I brought a list with me into Ikea... that was a FAIL. At least all of my purchases can go under the "organizing our house to have a baby in it" category... so that helps.