Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back to Wardrobe Therapy

So where were we? Pants? Skirts? Somewhere around there then Thanksgiving happened. Oh the excessive eating. Oh the stuffing.

Pile time.

Torture Devices

I would not say I have any torture devices.

Velveteen Rabbits

Not pictured my sad, ripped Gap jeans. Went into Gap late on Black Friday to check things out. I'm not a size 0 or 2 jean person. So not much left for me. Might need to wait or just look elsewhere. I was so not feeling Gap. Ick.

Stalwart Staples

From left to right. Tan Talbots skirt Allison gave me, I love this skirt. It's great when it's not all wrinkled. Tan pants, not flattering, horrid fit but better then nothing, should be replaced. Top right, my J-Crew shorts from 1995, two kids and over ten years they are still in good shape and I still fit in them. Granted they are around the house only since they are cut short. Bottom right Land's End shorts. Great fabric and construction but old and high waisted, not very comfortable but not a torture device. Need replaced.

Not pictured my one pair of non knee ripped jeans. I'd like one, dare I wish for two pairs of good fitting functional, comfortable jeans for everyday wear.

Also not pictured my one pair of black leggings, Land's End and very sturdy, good for exercise and lounging.

Not pictured my lone pair of sweatpants. They are ancient Gap and I'm pretty sure Mom wore them for while, so they are about 15 years old. I've worn them through two pregnancies and they are comfy and bring me comfort when I'm sick. Surprisingly not threadbare. Not worn out of the house unless in extreme emergency, knock on wood.


I don't really have any true Superstars, but these are the closest I can find. Brown cord skirt from Old Navy, it's short, Dave raves about this skirt. I feel good in it but it's not for everyday, more for going out. My two new pairs of cords, black and dark purple. I'm still debating them. Allison likes them. They will be warm and they fit well. Now to cut off the tags and wash them.

Breath Did the piles.

Heart Knowing what I dress for, the chart exercise really helped me stay focused while out shopping. The pretty party dresses call but are not practical. Thinking back to the pie chart really helped me stay focused.

Bones I've pared down so much over the past few years. So much so I think I purged a fun little plaid skirt that I'm now missing. Rats.

Head Did some Gap recon, going to need to keep looking for jean options. Supply line's must keep looking. Am considering checking out the local Goodwill and a few resale shops.

The next round we will tackle the peripherals.

  • Coats
  • Gloves and hats
  • Scarves worn primarily for warmth rather than for decoration
  • Shoes and boots
  • Socks and stockings
  • Purses
Hmm. Need to think about that and the following Heart questions.

It's the moment you've all been anticipating with a mixture of eagerness and terror... time for a Difficult Question. And it's a multi-parter...
  • What's your Status Symbol? That is, what quality do you want people to value you for?
  • Do you want this quality to be reflected in your wardrobe? You're allowed to say "no." It's possible that the role of your wardrobe is to fit in quietly, rather than to make a statement.
  • If you want this quality reflected in your attire, how?
  • Is there any garment or accessory that you always wear? If so, what does it represent to you? What about items that you frequently wear or that you ritually wear on certain occasions?
Off to chew on that one.

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