Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Here

Been super busy. H's birthday is tomorrow and we are having a party. Thankfully the house is already in pretty good shape, quick weekly blessing and some food shopping and we should be ready to roll.

I have new sock yarn. Some Opal HP sock yarn in Hedwig and Tonks. I'm very excited. I've gone to Knit Knite three weeks in a row! The ladies are nice and the knitting divine. There was even a newly created Hedgie there last night. I'm helping to spread the Hedgie Love far and wide.

Won't be photographing my clothing for a few days now. I did buy two new pairs of pants, both cords in black and dark purple. Also bought a pair of black boots. I'm still looking for a pair of black everyday mary janes. I've looked at all of the discount shoe stores. Going to check out Dick's Sporting Goods next for Keens and Merrill's.

Saw Twilight last night with several hundred teenage Fan Girls. I felt old. I enjoyed the books but did not love them. Edward is intriguing in a good, bad boy kind of way. The cgi, hair, makeup, screen play and direction are pretty terrible but there are bright spots that are enjoyable. I am so tired.


Brandy said...

Hope H has a really awesome birthday! And I hope you get to enjoy it too! Parties can be crazy!
For mary jane's try looking at Polaris, there is a new shoe store across from the Walking store that is really awesome!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Good luck on the shoe hunt, if you aren't an unusual size you might try Sierra Trading Post, their website has pretty good discounts on some good quality shoes. I pine for some everyday mary janes as well but a size 12 and a limited budget mean I haven't found anything yet.