Monday, November 10, 2008

My Wild Weekend

Allie and I had a PEO meeting Saturday morning. We had a PEO Scholar candidate visit to talk about her Art History dissertation on Roman Cameos. She is looking at the differences in symbolism found in public vs private art. Interesting stuff.

After the meeting we headed north. Dave had a 20 year St. James elementary school class reunion party at West Park Station (warning the site plays music) Saturday night. Many of the St. James students went on to Lakewood High School so I actually knew a few people. Others continued with Catholic education and went to Magnificat, St Joseph's, St Edward's or St Ignatius.

Much like our 10 year Lakewood Reunion back in 2001 we had a somewhat surprisingly good time at the St James reunion. The highlight of the evening was meeting Dave's best friend from elementary school. Bassam went on to St Ignatius so they had not seen each other for 20 years. Dave was obviusly quite pleased to get to chat with his old friend.

We left the reunion and met up with Dave's sister and husband at a nearby bar the Sly Fox Lounge in North Olmsted. No they don't have a website. After a several year hiatus Jason is back to singing in several cover bands. Jason sings some wicked Journey. He is very talented and it's great that he is performing again. So we listen to three sets of 70's 80', Journey and Styx covers. It's loud, but well done. There was one super creepy guy who would not go away. I got to chat with the Styx portions lead singer and his wife, both lovely.

The one thing I really tried to work on while we were out was pushing myself out of my comfort zone to talk with new people. It's not easy for me. I had to work at it but I managed to introduce myself to quite a few people I otherwise probably would not have talked with. This was a good exercise for me.

We headed back to MIL's way too late. I am so too old for staying out late. Am much more content at home. It was great to get out of the house and meet up with old school acquaintances. I'm admittedly not a big metal fan but I do appreciate live music and the work that is involved so the live bands were fun.

Speaking of meeting up with old acquaintances. I've been having so much fun finding people on Facebook. Just today I found the Cleveland Singing Angel's director, an Alumni group page, and several Singing Angel Alums from back when I was an Angel. There is a 45th Anniversary party coming up next April for the organization.

With all of the prime drive knitting time over the weekend I was all set to finish knitting up E's slippers. Only to discover that I'd forgotten the size 13 , 16 inch cerc at home. Shoot. Thankfully I brought fixins for another Hedgehog. I did not make much progress on the Hedgie over the weekend. I have the second slipper done up to the outer sole. Hope to finish and attach the outer sole tonight. Then I can knit up the Hedgie and felt them at the same time later this week.

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Kerry said...

This is so funny--Karen, my house that I'm trying to sell is on Lauderdale, by the YMCA and the DQ. How funny!

I like your Embossed Leaves socks! They look so warm. Your children are darling!