Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes We Did!

So relieved, yet still a bit fearful, 2004 is still fresh in my mind. But I have hope.

I'm sorry Mom did not get to experience this election and our new First Family. I think she would love Barack, Michelle and the girls as much as I do.

E asked for pig tails this morning. I obliged and did her hair up in piggies. Then I saw video of the Obama family out voting. Sasha had piggies this morning too. I found this very fun and exciting. There are going to be two young girls in the White House who my daughter can relate to and identify with.

I do the best I can to be the best Mom to E and H that I can possibly be, but some days I fall short. Some days I struggle. I loose my patience. I'm not as engaged as I could be. Michelle Obama inspires me to reach not for unattainable perfection but to work harder, to be my personal best as a woman and as a Mom.

Congratulations to our New First Family.

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Sourire11 said...

Yeah for a new first family! And for a Blue Ohio! And for so many reasons to be hopeful today!