Tuesday, November 04, 2008


E's mittens are finished. I finished the second mitten cuff during E's music class this afternoon. This pair of mittens took exactly one ball of Knit Pick's Telemark. I had NOTHING left. E loves them.

At this late time it's already November 4th. Election Day. I have not been blogging much because the Election has my nerves on edge. I honestly don't know how anyone closely involved in either campaign stay upright, especially in the last 48 hours.

Allison and Nicholas walked down Broad Street yesterday after their respective churches let out to hear Michelle and BHO speak in front of the Ohio State House. Allie said it was amazing.

We decided that we could not face the crowd and the wait with the kids, so we headed to the last open day at King's Island. We had a nice day, not BHO nice but still nice.

Anyway I started more Holiday Knitting. Finished another Holiday Knitting item yesterday, then E's mittens today so I had to start something. Holiday Knitting won out.

Please go out and vote if you have not already. The political commercials and mailings will end soon.

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