Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cobblestone and a Link' O Rama

Check out Dave in his Cobblestone sweater. He's been wearing it quite a bit. Now to get some wool wash to wash it properly.

I've not done a Link O Rama in some time. Off to fun knitting links.

I HAD to link Franklin's latest cartoon. That little knitter knows what she wants and is asking, no telling it to Santa.

The Secret Knitter revealed his Mystery Project over at Knitting Confidential. I'd guessed a knitted washcloth with the Cincinnati Reds logo. I had a feeling it was a washcloth but was not really sure of the pattern. Turns out I was partially correct, it's a knitted, patterned washcloth/dishcloth, but it's of the AV Club logo. Bravo! Fabulous washcloth.

In other Knitting News I started a new mystery project today. The Secret Knitter inspired me to toy with my fives of readers and only give vague hints about a current project. I'm using a hank of favorite stash yarn and boy oh boy is it yummy. It's sort of a Holiday knit and sort of not. I have a few other possible Holiday knits to still crank out. We shall see.

Speaking of the holidays. After much fretting and fussing I designed and had printed our Holiday/New Year cards for this year. Last year's card turned into a New Year card because I could not get a good picture of both kids at the same time. This year I said (insert expletive of your choice here) and went with pictures I'd already taken of the kids.

Starting on the left we have E&H on a ride at King's Island whooping it up. Followed by H up close from this summer. A girlfriend's hubby took this pic at a playdate, another girlfriend who now lives out of state was also at said playdate so the pic is especially special. Then we have E&H on the porch waiting for the school bus. Finally we have an impromptu pic of E with the folk harp wearing the Haiku sweater I knitted for her several years ago. I love this picture of E. It's a moment of calm captured in the storm of E's swirling energy.

So holiday knitting is progressing, the holiday cards are ready to go in their envelopes, gift buying is nearly done, some plans are made, not nearly enough. The holiday's tend to be stressful, emotional and sometimes even fun. It's hard sometimes to keep on top of the stress and pressure to enjoy. That's where the organization helps, and setting realistic goals and trying really hard to not buy into the materialism of the season.

E's class is doing a What are your Family Traditions project for the Holiday's. How do you distill your Holiday Traditions onto an 8.5x11 piece of paper? We ended up using a few pictures, colored pencils, crayon and pencil. E drew a picture of her birthday cake, we celebrate the kids birthdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas. E drew a Tree. We included a picture of the family at Wildlights at the zoo. E drew a stocking, we each have our own stocking. And we included a picture of E at dance class, they dance the story of The Nutcracker at her dance school. That's not everything but it filled the page and included, people, activities, celebrations and decorating.

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