Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mystery Complete, and a Hedgehog and Holiday Cards

I finished up the OSU Hedgie today. The tummy is Telemark so he did not felt fabulous but he felted just fine and is super cute and huggable. I've lost count how many Hedgie's I've knitted. I think this one might be the last for this Hedgie Wave. I have a tummy knitted for another in Curry Telemark, but I might wait on that one. We shall ssee.

I finished the Mystery Knit today. The yarn is delightful. My photography skills do not do it justice. Maybe I can try to get a picture in natural light tomorrow. The mystery knit will be off to it's new home soon. Then I will post pictures here and on Ravelry.

What else...the holiday cards are ready to mail. Whoo hoo! I got them done before Christmas this year! I'm happy with the design and pictures. Now to finish up the rest of the holiday prep and plans.

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Liz said...

You're right...these Hedgie's are adorable! Go Bucks! :)