Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Knitting Content

I might just be back to blogging, knit blogging even. I knitted and gifted my first of three in a series of Unoriginal Hats this past Sunday. I know I mentioned it a few posts ago but here is a picture. It's Lion Brand Thick N Quick in Fisherman on size 11 dpns. I knitted this in one evening.

I'm working on the second Unoriginal Hat, it's been taking me a few days, keep making silly errors. I practically have the pattern memorized, I don't memorize patterns easily. This second hat is black, same yarn same needles and for E's Kindergarten Teacher. The third will be for Sue in Raspberry, will match her coat perfectly.

I spent about an hour while H was down for his nap today to figure out photo printing on my new printer. I've been doing regular printing and scanning for about a month but wanted to figure out the photo printing. I had the photo ink and paper, but then I also had to load additional software, and find the specific picture I wanted to print. I figured it out. It's not that different from my last printer, just a few more bells and whistles.

My first attempt at a holiday picture. The table and chairs are H's birthday presents from Dad/Sue and Grandpa Bill. We are not big Browns fans but friends give us Browns clothing for the kids. E decided to wear her new Browns outfit one day so I put H in his jersey and took pictures. H ended up coloring on the wall with a colored pencil. Thank goodness for Magic Erasers.

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