Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Edit Much?

First off I realize that editing is hard. I do not spell everything perfectly all of the time. I tend to fall into the passive voice way too much. My writing is far from exemplary.

That being said there is something to be said for checking your copy before you publish a book, any book.

Turns out I have a first edition copy of Melissa Morgan-Oakes 2 at a time Socks.

This is a time when you do NOT want a first edition. Why? Check out the errata for the book.

No really check out the errata. Four of the patterns required updated charts. The basic directions are wrong for all of the patterns.

I did a bit of digging on Ravelry and it sounds like most of the issues were worked out by the 4th Edition.

By the 4th edition?

My copy is from the library, I do not own this feat of bad editing. I'm debating either alterting the library staff to the errors so it can be taken out of circulation or at least putting a post it note in the book with the errata url to warn the next borrower.

I started a pair of the 2 at a time Sample socks last night. The cast on went fine, as did the cuff and leg. I know basic sock construction and was a bit perplexed earlier today during H's nap time why my heel turn and gusset stitch pick ups were not matching up with the directions. I forged on and turned the heels and picked up the stitches ok, but I already knew how, I was not completely new to sock construction. I checked out Ravelry after the kids were in bed to find several threads on the book's errata.

I'm going to finish the socks and plan on making a second pair.

The thing is this method of 2 at a time seems decent. I'm considering buying the book from Knit Picks, when it's back in stock. Might play it safe and call to make sure they are selling 4th edition copies.

That many errors just blow my mind. How the book went to press in that state is beyond me.


Liz said...

wow....more power to ya to try and use a book like that!

the secret knitter said...

I've learned the hard way to check the errata before starting a book pattern. Still, that's a lot of mistakes to correct. Makes you wonder if anybody proofread or test knit.