Sunday, February 01, 2009

Two at a Time Socks and FSM's

Ok we have two pairs of Henry sized socks. The second pair went much better then the first but are still not quite there. I'm feeling a bit more confident in 2 socks on one circ. Now to get a copy of the book that is not riddled with editing errors. The blue socks are Cotton Ease and the ones on the right are Knit Picks Swish Superwash. I really enjoyed knitting in with the Swish. Size 4, forty inch Addi Turbo circ.

Now to attempt to get pictures of the socks actually on H's feet. We shall see.

Dave requsted that I test knit some FSM's for an upcoming Central Ohio Skeptics group function. I finally finished my first two today. Dave is thrilled.

For the test knit I did only 15 noodly appendages, will do at least 25 for the next ones for fuller looking noodles. The meatballs are fast and much easier knitted on magic loop. I love learning new techniques! The Oobie eyes make the FSM, much like the eyes and nose make the Hedgies. The eyes bring personality.

Now that I've finished two FO's I MUST return to the Rainbow Blanket of Monotony. I bought a new size nine circ yesterday. I was using my 16 inch size 9, it was fine for the small squares but would not work for the large or rectangular squares.

I'm thinking I actually lost a size nine circ somewhere along the way. Wondering where and when. I have just about all of my needles cataloged on Ravelry. It says I only have size 9 dpn's and the size 16 circ. I was so sure I was using a size nine for the blanket. Maybe I was knitting with the 16 inch all this time. Who knows. This is another reason why I prefer to just finish projects and not set them aside. Taking more detailed notes while working on projects would help too. Hmmmm. Maybe it will work itself out eventually. Regardless I am back in business on the Rainbow blanket. This blanket is more about self control and perseverance then knitting at this point.

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