Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Goundhog Day Mittens

Months ago I knit up a pair of pink felted mittens for E that were a bit big. So I knit up a lilac pair for her that fit. She promptly lost one. Sigh. In the meantime I had her wear the too big pink mittens, better then nothing.

So I toss the stash yesterday and cast on another pair of mittens for E. I had two little balls of leftover Freedom Spirit by Twillieys of Stamford from two of the Holiday 2008 tissue box covers and some coordinated Telemark. The little balls of yarn were the perfect amount for a small child sized mitten.

They knitted up fast and I got them ready to felt. The yarn is dk weight and the mittens were already a bit on the small side so I planned to only felt them a little bit.

I'd never felted this yarn before. Can we say it felted small and fast? SMALL and FAST.

All is not lost when you have a little brother to older sister with smaller hands.

So Henry has a new pair of mittens.

Here is the dilemma. This is technically an FO so that means it's time to do another square on the Beastly Blanket, a large square at that. But E is waiting for a pair of mittens. She even helped pick out the yarn from the stash tonight. I could treat them like the 2 at a time socks, I knit two mismatched pairs to get two matched pairs with no Blanket block in between.

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Sourire11 said...

Super cute! And how funny that you started them for the older kid and ended up felting them to the smaller size. I'd say knit E some mittens - it's cold out there for little hands! The blanket can wait.