Sunday, February 01, 2009

No I'm Not Watching The Super Bowl

Finished the obligatory square on the blanket today, a rectangle. It's a bright and happy blanket.

Spent some quality time over at Ravelry tonight. Did not realize I'm at 100 projects! I have more I could put in BR, that's Before Ravelry. It's hard to remember BR. Kind of like remember BK Before Kids. It's a different life, a different world.

So I pulled out a two boxes filled with older FO's and the rest of my needle stash from the basement tonight. I decided to catalog some more needles. I have some funky old school straights from Grandma J. I have a pair of bright green plastic size 19's that are screaming at me to use, but for what project I don't know. These needles have attitude. I also have a smaller plastic pair that are bright orange with 12's embossed on them. They are not 12 metric the might 12 US sized, but that's not listed on Ravelry so I can't log them. They are cool regardless.

I still have a vase of straights to catalog eventually, for now they are decorative. It is interesting to see what I have.

For example crochet hooks. No clue I had 4 H's, 3 J's, and 3 K's. What's up with all of the H's. I had a few smaller ones that did not fit or were too small for my sizing card. Interesting to see the sizes I have. The big mess of hooks looked like there would be more sizes turns out there were multiples.

So now I'm deciding what to knit next. Do I pound through the remaining eight FSM's? Move on to another pair of socks? I've been playing with my Ravelry Queue organizing and planning for Holiday 09. Yes Holiday 09. Courses and Wales in her supreme state of organization has her Holiday 09 projects all lined up and her yarn in her Rav stash. That just rocks. I'm not quite that prepared but I have some preliminary ideas at play.

Speaking of Holiday gift ideas I found the Betz White flickr pool for her book Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted Projects. She does sweater felting. The mitten/cowl project and jumper projects look fun. Found that a few days ago. We shall see.

I have a sizable bag of feltable red yarn that is calling to be made into something. I'm thinking of revisiting felted bowls, or maybe something a bit bigger and more basket sized. The Cat Bordhi mobius bowls are intriguing. We shall see.

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Liz said...

Wow -- that's a lot of needles!

I vowed that I'm finishing what I have started before I cast on again!!