Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Knitting

Went stash diving last night for black and gray. I love stash diving. I get a thrill from trying to figure out how to use lots of little bits and pieces together into something hopefully usable.

I've been eyeing a felted needle vase for awhile now. I thought it might be a good stashbusting project.

I dived into my needle stash as well. The pattern calls for a size 13, 16" circ, 15, 24" circ, 17, 29" circ and 17 dpns. My only size 17's are plastic straights. So I downsized a bit based on my current needle stash. 10.5, 16" circs, 13, 24" circs and get this a pair of 15, 39" metal circs that have got to be old school addi turbos.

Here I had a pair of addi's all this time. Turns out I still have not logged all of my needles on Ravelry. I had a few larger and longer circs still undocumented. I'm nearly certain that the size 15's are addi's. I've had them for ages, just never used them before.

Thanks to magic loop I did not need the size 15 dpns. I just magic looped the bottom of the vase.

I'm really pleased with the gradation I was able to achieve with the yarn colors. Now it's a matter of felting it up.

In other knitting news I agreed to knit two cupcakes for a girlfriend. I selected and wound yarn last night, two pinks, black and red. It's more stash yarn. It's fun how even cheap acrylic seems a little more fancy when wound in a yarn cake.

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