Monday, February 23, 2009

Two Triple Threats

Finished the last of three Sweet Jaywalkers. If you recall the first sock was knitted on 2.25mm bamboo dpns. The second and third socks were knitted on 2.50mm addi turbos in magic loop. I'll wear the last two socks and keep the first sock for sentimental reasons. I'm thinking of framing it in a shadow box. We shall see.

So I finished the final third sock while watching my FAVORITE triple threat host the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

That would have to be Hugh Jackman.

Love him.

I'm finding it a bit shocking while reading around the old web today the vast number of people who seem to only know him as Wolverine and did not know he could sing and dance. Now Wolverine is mighty fine indeed, yes mighty fine.

so fine...

and feral..

and powerful...

Ok back to the Oscars. Yes Jackman can sing and dance. I've sat through the London revival of Oklahoma to watch Jackman's portrayal of Curley. Great production, it's just a long a** show.

Allison and NLF saw Jackman live in Boy From Oz in NYC a few years back. Met him at the stage door twice for pictures and autographs. They said he's incredibly charming and gracious in person and amazing to see preform live. The video above is a bit of the final number from Boy From Oz, I go to Rio. Seriously the man's legs go on forever.

Back to Oscars, back to Oscars. Ok, opening number. Yes it was much more Tony then Oscar in recent years with Hugh's homemade salute to the best picture noms. The opening reminded me of the Billy Crystal film montages from oh 15 or was it 20 years ago. I remember enjoying watching Billy Crystal host the Oscars. Anyway. Love the opening.

Then there was the big musical number towards the middle of the broadcast. What a fascinating mix of musical theater genres. It starts with Hugh by himself and he is joined by a small army of tuxedoed dancers. Right around 1:20 we get Beyonce and our first little taste of West Side Story. I'm not a huge Beyonce fan but I thought she did well, even if she was more then likely lip syncing. More dancing ensures and a bit of Grease, then it's a bit of Sound of Music, Moulin Roughe, Dreamgirls, lots of dancing...

Then things get a bit surreal around 3:31. The High School Musical/Mama Mia couples are now out with lots of dancers of course and you have "You Can't Stop the Beat" from HSM2, yes I had to look it up, with Beyonce singing Mary Magdalene's "I don't Know How to Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar while gazing at Hugh then the two walking away from each other. This blows my mind a little bit each time I hear it.

Hugh's next line 3:45 "The best part of breaking up is getting back together again" is so familiar but I can't place it. Then Beyonce goes into "At Last" which she OWNED during our new First Couple's first Inaugural Ball dance, thank you. Anyway. Then at 4:00 it's the HSM couple, it's their last chance, Efron did clean up well. I'm wondering what Disney plans on doing with him next.

4:10 Hugh teases us with more West Side Story "Maria!" Don't tease us. I go back and forth. Jacakman could sing and dance Tony but at 40 is he too old for the role? West Side Story Revival with Jackman as Tony? I'd love it, at least a recording, oh boy. So we continue with the WSS/HSM/Mama Mia/Evita/Mama Mia fest until at 4:40 when the Monotone Drummers appear. Then we are putting on our top hat and Beyonce goes Over the Rainbow and Hugh further torments us at 5:25 with yet more West Side Story and "Somewhere"

Introductions, bows then cut to the man who arranged that hot mess of musical madness. Wow.

Seriously HSM and JCS?

I just spent way too much energy writing this up but it was fun and I enjoyed myself.

One more Oscar vid. I loved how the show producers had Queen Latifa singing "I'll be seeing you" during the In Memoriam Montage. She looked and sounded Fabulous.

Overall I enjoyed the new format. Yes the broadcast still dragged in spots. Tina Fey and Steve Martin were funny. Will Smith presented a ton of awards and joked about Hugh taking a nap. But that kept things moving.

I liked how they did not have the announcer talking while the winner made their way to the stage. It's usually filled with chatter like this is so in so's first win and 5th nomination, etc.

I am wondering if this was the first time where a couple, married or otherwise, were both up for Best Actor/Best Actress in the same year.

Now two of Tom Cruise's three ex wives have Oscars. Do you think Katie will ever win one? What about Tom? Meh.

Let's see Cleolinda offers up some great Oscar linkspam.

I'm done. The socks are done. I've knitted up a few more FSM noodly appendages and I'm nearly finished with the obligatory rainbow blanket block. It's time for bed.

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Kerry said...

His work as Wolverine has been even more amazing to me since seeing Jackman host the Tonys and realizing 1) he's rather short and 2) he's just a huge theater geek. Hint: The highly forgettable "Someone Like You" is available on Hulu--he's the only authentic thing about that film.