Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

I'm here and I'm knitting and reading.  Had a beer today to help celebrate my Irish Heritage.  Mom's Mother's side was quite Irish.  Thankfully no one pinched me today.  Both kids wore green, E a hodgepoge of green and H wore the Green Star Wars raglan that was his sister's.  It has green sleeves and has Chewbacca on the front with the words Mommy's Little Monster. Neither Chewbacca nor H are monsters but it's a cute shirt.

I'm in the cuff ribbing on my two at a time socks.  Did not get a lot of knitting done over the weekend.  We were north for our buddy Jason's Triplet Boy's 1st birthday party.  The cute was intense, we are talking mind blowing cute levels.  The kind of cute that just melts the soul.  It was a great party.  Then I friended his wife on facebook and got to see some of the pictures she's taken of the boys.  They should do print work, the cute is intense.

I'm going to try watching AI tomorrow night. I read somewhere that it is a country theme this week.  Oh goodness.  Should be interesting.  

In reading news my sister gave me a copy of Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb first book in the series Naked in Death for my birthday.  I read it yesterday.  Oh goodness Allie was right I loved the first book.  I'd heard about the series over the years but never checked it out.  Let's just say I have the next five books on reserve at the library.  The series started in 95 and there are around 25 books, so lots of reading ahead of me.  Yeah!

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