Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heel Turn and American Idol

Turned the heel on my socks. The self striping yarn pattern is just a bit off between the two so the heels look a bit different. It's ok. I have a bit of laddering in spots, nothing horrible but something to improve on for the next pair. I'm totally loving two at a time socks. Now to fine tune my technique.

Attempted to watch American Idol tonight for the first time in years. I have a Singing Angel buddy who worked with Adam Lambert and I was curious. Ugh. Watching tonight reminded me why I stopped watching. Ryan Seacrest is a tool. What is up with the new fourth judge? Why? Are they afraid that Paula is going to totally loose it and want to have a back up?

Could not sit through Kanye West's performance. I just don't get his music. I read his blog for awhile, it's interesting. I can't remember why I stopped reading it, just got repetitive I suppose. I do find West's design aesthetic interesting. His LA home is a fascinating mix of clean modern with pop culture art. I'm still curious about how his NY apartment ended up being furnished. I would be interested to hear him speak on his thoughts about art from both a historical and modern day perspective.

Could not watch Kelly Clarkson. "My Life Would Suck Without You." Really? To think I sometimes wonder why I don't listen to top 40 radio.

I'd forgotten about the prominent Ford and Coke product placement. It's so obvious. I suppose I should not complain too much. Knight Rider is pretty much a huge Ford commercial filled with Ford vehicles and Ford commercials during the breaks. But KITT is so pretty, he puts all other Mustangs I see out driving around to shame.

That's another thing the commercials. Ugh. When I watch shows online I can switch to another tab during the commercials if necessary, or just have the show play in the background while I read something else.

I'm going to try AI again next Tuesday. If I'm going to watch it makes more sense to watch the performance night rather then the elimination night. They way the show draws out the elimination is so contrived.

My sister usually watches the show once it gets to the top 12. Will have to ask her what she thinks of this season so far.


the secret knitter said...

If you watch, you need to take in the performance shows. Results nights are always painfully stretched out and light on content.

Kanye, especially Auto Tune Singing Kanye, sounds better on the recordings than live.

Jackie F. said...

I don't care for Kanye. He's had a couple of interesting/catchy songs. But, 1) he can't sing without electronics, and 2) he's an egomaniac as well as a sore loser.

Your socks look nice!