Friday, May 01, 2009


Well look at that knitting! I'm making progress on Green Gable. I actually have the ribbing done on the bottom and both arms. I'm going off pattern and will add ribbing around the neckline to neaten things up a bit. It fits beautifully and I could not be more pleased.

Well look at that heap'n help'n of FSMs. I finished them up this morning. Meh. I detest multiples. I did receive a nice compliment this afternoon. I asked Dave where the 7th FSM was living. Dave gave it to one of his buddies months ago to help promote tomorrow's Skepticamp Ohio. Turns out little FSM has been living on the TV at his house. I'm tickled that my FSM has been living on the tv, hey it's a place of honor.

On to American Idol.

My Favorite Theory, not to be confused by My Favorite Martian, loved that show.

I found the Grassy Knoll thread over at TWOP. I don't usually read over there other then the general recaps, but I found my current fave theory regarding Adam.

I think Simon would like for Adam to go on second so he can snap Adam up and set him up as an international star. There is less marketing cost involves since Adam create his own buzzes and from the demographic of his fans - appeals not only in europe but in asia (southeast asia in particular) Simon also have the first choice to sign any of the contestants. Part of the deal for him to be one of the judges.

If Adam wins - they would have to focus in marketing Adam more in US since American Idol would mean - America. Europe and Asia would have to take a backseat. If Adam goes second - Americans can have their Gokey and the rest of the world can get Adam. Of course Adam would be huge in US too but he can also divide more his time to conquer the word!!! >_<

Perhaps that's why they are throwing the bus towards Adam?

My gut tells me that Danny is going to win. I'm mentally preparing for that outcome. I would like to think that Adam is going to be signed no matter when he goes home. I love the idea of an "International Adam" glob trotting around spreading glam and joy to his squeeing fandom, myself included.

Evelyn and I were chatting over her after school snack. She has three other friends who watch AI with their Mom's. E is the only Adam fan and the other girls like Allison. Interesting.


Jackie F. said...

"E is the only Adam fan and the other girls like Allison. Interesting."
You really detest her, don't you? To each her own :-) She won't win anyway. IMO (and despite the fact that I like Allison), the only reason she made the top two last week is the same reason that has always occurred on Idol almost every season at some point: people forget to vote for the person they think will win because they assume that lead person is "safe." It usually happens when Simon makes completely uncalled for comments about the other contestants. I've noticed that over the years.

If Danny makes it to the final two with Adam, I sure hope he proves himself and impresses me in these final shows. If anyone actually beats Adam, I really don't want it to be Danny. If anyone is even capable of beating Adam, which they're not, I'd rather it be Kris, totally based on the fact that I prefer Kris' originality and musical style over Danny's. Technically speaking, Danny surely has an edge over Kris, but Danny has jumped the shark with me at this point. That's weird to hear myself say that considering I really liked him and Lil at the start.

Karen said...

I don't detest Allison. I don't care for her musically and stylistically. Her diction is mushy and I worry about her blowing out her vocal cords by the time she is 20 but I don't detest her.

I was not surprised E's peers like Allison, it makes sense, she is young and cute.

I am creeped out by Allison singing songs that are 'beyond her years' and the cake thing just skeeved me out but I took more issue with Danny's behavior then Allison's. That's more my issue then anything else.

I agree with you, Kris is much more musical and original then Danny. Musically Danny is a one trick pony with one setting.

I hope you enjoy I enjoy dishing AI with you. :-)

Jackie F. said...

"Musically Danny is a one trick pony with one setting."

That's a very good way of putting it! I couldn't think of a good way to explain why Danny had jumped the shark with me, and I think your explanation is the answer.

Oh yes, I love dishing AI! It's exciting :-)