Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Well That Was Close

Or was it?

When I told Allison I was watching AI this season she warned me. "Karen, America does crazy things, be prepared. If you have a favorite contestant vote for them." I've actually been voting, not crazy 2K+ in an hour voting or anything but I've been voting.

So was it vote splitting? Could have been the Producers going for drama, which they got. Could be Adam is just too polarizing. What about that tv show that featured Danny and not Kris, Michael and Lil. Hmmm. Is there really an email chain going around to vote for Danny? It's getting all a bit too conspiracy theory laced for me. That and I try to keep the blog happy and Hate free so we will just stop.

Well I'll keep watching and voting. I must say that once Adam is gone I will stop watching, and buying Adam's tracks from itunes. I'm genuinely looking forward to whatever Adam does post AI, win or not win. It's time to bring the glam back in glam rock.

Now I'm excited about Rock Week next week. Slash sounds fired up to have a rocking show. My suggestion to Adam is to go all out. If he's going then go out in a massive, glitter filled, glam rock blaze of fantabulous tight pant package centric, wailing glory.

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