Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Dad, Sue, Great Grandpa Bill and Aunt Allison came over yesterday for a visit. GGBill, Grandma Sue, Aunt Allison and E went to the zoo to see the baby elephant, the moose and several other animals. Dad and Dave went to buy a swing set for the backyard. H and I stayed home, he is a bit under the weather, but thankfully perking up.

Gramps brought a firetruck for H-Man. H is obsessed with firetrucks, firefighters and fire stations. The firetruck was a huge hit.

While I consider myself a fairly competent social hostess, I'm seriously lacking in the food selection, prep and presentation areas. I was somehow able to pull off two meals, outside, with help of course. This was a big accomplishment for me.

Dad and Dave put the swing set together. H has not played on it yet, he ended up in bed sleeping since he was not feeling well. E was thrilled with the new swing set.

Allison was most impressed with my new tank top. We even matched. Thankfully H seems to be perking up today. Dave is sleeping. We have no major plans, just a nice quiet Father's Day at home.

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Jackie F. said...

I might take Marie and Ian to see the baby elephant this week before our Friday zoo date. It's not supposed to rain the whole week!

See ya Thursday!