Friday, June 26, 2009

Knit Knite FO's WIP's and Mind Blowing Yarn Pr0n

I brought my camera to Knit Knite again, I hope no one minds, seriously I won't post pics and am more then happy to remove pics if anyone wants. No worries. Liz shows off her skein of wonder from Knitters Connection. FYI I can't remember the details on all of the yarn, only that everything was fab. Please feel free to comment yarn details.

What's this our first FO of the evening. Julane's amazing Fountain Pen Shawl in Knit Pick's Gloss lace weight.

We have a Hedgie sighting. Cath's WIP Hedgie. CUTE! I attempted to start a Hedgie that evening but did not get past the tummy. Too much gabbing and wrangling E.

Lone skein of some super funky yarn from Liz's Knitters Connection goodie bag. The lighter bits are SUPER soft. Our first thought was what kind of Hedgie would this make.

It was a two Lace FO evening. Liz's Meadow Flowers shawl for her Mom in Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud. It's filmy and just plain yummy.

It's sock time. Cath's socks in Knit Picks Essential kettle dye sock yarn. Yum!

Brandy's Knitters Connection spoils. Brier Rose and oh shoot I can't remember for a cabled vest for her son. Both are fab.

Warning Extreme Sock Yarn Pr0n Ahead

Brandy's Mini Mochi sock yarn by Crystal Palace Yarns. OMFG it's amazing in person. Super soft and the color, oh the color. This is new and oh so amazing. You know you want to see it knitted up. Admit it.

It's a modified Sidestream by Cat Bordhi and the color in person is mind blowing. I think I need a moment.

Prepare for extreme cute. Ruth's mohair Guinea Pig is coming along nicely. Oh it's so little and cute and fuzzy.

Kristie's felted entrelarc bag is cruising right along. It's so colorful and awesome.

More socks, and a pretty spiff lawn chair. Karla is rocking two at a time socks. Very nice.

K and her first hat, ever. This hat rocks.

This hat rocks so hard it gets a back view pic too. Proud Liz looks on at her knitting apprentice.

Kim won yarn and a signed copy of 2 at a time socks! The yarn just sings Fall, it's so pretty and soft in person.

We took the party inside when the skies started to threaten rain, which turned into a deluge while many of us were driving home. Thankfully everyone got home safe and sound.

Jackie and I both wore our Calla tanks. I had to knit Calla after seeing Jackie's in person. Jackie's is true to pattern and mine is a bit modified. Both are awesome.

Thanks for another fun evening Ladies.


Jackie F. said...

I so totally missed out on all the fun Knitters Connection show and tell. Poop! :-( Oh well, I'm counting on living vicariously through people's blog posts until I can stalk them next week at knit night ;-)

Sourire11 said...

isn't knitting outside with friends just the best? I love the summer.