Thursday, July 09, 2009

Matt and Brandi's Shower

We helped celebrate Matt and Brandi's currently percolating little one last weekend. We were thrilled to see them. Turns out Matt is learning to knit, has even been to a SnB in Chicago. Here is Matt's second scarf, it's in black cotton, it's hard to see but he is knitting and purling in squares, quite spiff. I tried to not talk about knitting too much. Hopefully he will get a Ravelry account soon, before Baby arrives.

There were several shower games. I rocked the identify lines from famous children's books game. Yeah. The men folk were good sports and attempted to tie their shoes with balloons in their shirts. Of course this morphed into a somehow super hero themed photo op. Makes sense, carrying a baby is a heroic task.

When we found out they were having a girl I knew that Pink Mini Hedgie had to go to Matt and Brandi. There was much oohing and ahhing. I know Pink Mini Hedgie is going to a good home.

We had a great time. Brandi looks amazing with her big beautiful belly. We are looking forward to meeting Baby. :-)
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Sourire11 said...

carrying a baby is a heroic task! well said. Looks like a super-fun shower!