Sunday, July 19, 2009

Toss the Stash

I tossed my stash over the weekend. I even got out the Grandma J. stash, nearly all of it, there is one unphotographed box of wool.

Top left and working to the right we have a bag of random acrylic that eventually went into the big bag of random acrylic. A bag of Patons Grace that was for Reid that crashed and burned, twice. I'm now thinking a top down raglan for E with an 'E' on the front, but done top down to measurements. Random Sock yarn bits that I'm saving for a random sock yarn pit project. I love this little bag of sock yarn. Opal HP sock yarn in Tonks, I love this skein of yarn, it will be cool socks someday. Top row right, Noro, oh yeah, leggings for E and a little sweater for her or a bolero for me, not sure.

Middle section on the left, the big a** bag of random acrylic. I'm thinking acrylic Lizard Ridge this year. Grey, blue and pink for the EPIC FAIL K-9 project. I found a knitter on Rav who has knitted a small scale K-9 that would be so cool. So the yarn waits. Directly below K-9 yarn is the bag of random fun fur bits. I totally want to do a Rainbow Pride Hedgie of All Colors for All peoples at some point, so I save my fun fur. The next bit over from top to bottom a skein of Knit Picks Gossamer, for a shawl, the Purple Malabrigo Sock yarn that makes me so incredibly happy and will be a kick a** pair of socks. A random bag of incredibly random scraps that I can't bring myself to throw out. Some random mohair/acrylic fuzzy stuff, A ball of mohair mix that I got for Grandma J and she did not use in her scarf. A bag of random bits of my super yummy yarn, aka the Yarn Snob bag, with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Leticia, some Manos, Malabrigo, Rowan Calmer and some Lamb's Pride bulky. On the right in the middle two bags of Knit Picks quarry and some other fuzzy yarn. I'm thinking either art piece or slippers or something.

Bottom row from the left the random cotton, cotton ease bag. Lots of cotton. Followed by the 'Red' Bag of yarn. Lots of red yarn, some feltable some novelty some just random. Not sure how I amassed so much red. Next is a bag of feltable wool. This stash section is too small. I need wool for Hedgies. Finally a bag of random non feltable yarn, mostly leftovers from Unoriginal hats for last Christmas.

Mostly Grandma J stash. There was more random bits that are not pictured that I combined with the other random bit bag. Top left lots of green mohair and acrylic. We are talking probably 20+ year old yarn. Top right some very fun summer tweed. I remember Grandma J making a sweater out of this, it was a wrap of some sort. Bottom left more random mystery acrylic/mohair that I wound in multiple strands for some now unknown reason and will have to be knitted like this because unwinding it would not be fun. A bag of Tiffany wool, it's nobbly and fun and I want to knit something cool. Finally a bag of random Wool Ease in multiple colors from Ruth's yarn stash.

This is an unfinished Grandma J throw that's been sitting in my stash for at least 10 to 15 years. The colors are super dated, but it's Classic Janette blanket knitting. She would pick out yarn and just sort of go, the pattern would evolve and repeat as she knitted. It was organic and textural and just so cool. There is no way I could continue the pattern even with the yarn. I'm thinking of binding off as is and tucking in the ends. It's a lovely little square as it is. It's super soft and just makes me happy.

That's pretty much the state of the stash. There are also two sets of two Swish worsted for Dad Hats. I have a few other projects in mind that would require buying some more wool, but we shall see. I have some good stuff to work with. Part of the fun is figuring out what to do with what you have.

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