Monday, July 20, 2009

Wisteria Walk

I have a few FO's to share. First off a terribly photographed Exfoliate. It's a happy key lime, bright green, not the neon mess that I have pictured above. Much more fun and bright and happy in person. Exfoliate!

Wisteria Walk took me 10 days. Ten days from start to finish. Granted there were a few drives to Cleveland and KI in there of relatively uninterrupted knitting, that helped. I love the Shine worsted. Am curious to see how it holds up and wears. Love the color, the pattern, the texture. But now I need a new foundation garment to wear under it, hot pink is just not going to work. I'll hopefully do a photo shoot soon. Ideally I love a flowy white skirt to wear with it, that would be fun.

In the meantime I have Who on the needles, a fun owl hat for Dad's upcoming birthday. The plan is to pound through some Holiday knitting, which I'm cutting back on pretty drastically. What will we give for Holiday presents this year?