Thursday, August 13, 2009

Knit Knite

I've been away from the blog for some time. Things have been busy around here. E is going back to school soon. I've been knitting a ton of dishcloths. Sock Summit was last weekend. Intrepid Knit Kniter Kristie was our Ambassador. Tonight at Knit Knite Kristie shared her spoils. Lots of books and YARN. Prepare yourself for yarn pr0n!

Some of the new square needles. I want to to try these out at some point. They look nifty and I like to try out different needles.

Long time readers will recognize my Koolaid dyed Kiri shawl from my pre Ravelry days. I bought it to show Brandy, who is trying out Koolaid dying. That's her hank. Very nice.

A Mini Alien invasion is sweeping through Knit Knite! There was a lot of Mini Alien Love going on.

Darn my camera not showcasing Liz's fabu cotton sweater. Summer Rib looks fab in person.

Socks that Rock in the Sock Summit color way. I had this just sitting next to me most of the evening. I would pick it up and pat the yarn cake every now and then. It's so gorgeous in person.

Happy Belated Birthday Jackie! Kristie brought Jackie a signed copy of More Sensational Socks from Sock Summit.

Pink and Green goodness.

The Farmhouse on the left is calling to me.

Oh Barbra Walker your hands and brain have given so much to the betterment of the world around you. Behold a signed copy of Knitting from the Top Down.

It's not all Kristie's stash, here is some of Brandy's overdyed trekking sock yarn. Brandy is having fun with Koolaid.


Nearly everyone. We were outside again tonight. We had a bevy of kids tonight, they were off playing most of the time. I'm going to miss the lovely weather.

Thanks to Kristie for bringing her Sock Summit loot and stories.


Jackie F. said...

Another fun knit night with lots of yarn, FOs, and Sock Summit stories :-)

Robin said...

Sorry I missed it- I wasn't ready to drive that far yet- my surgical incision isn't healed.
see you in a week or two

Sourire11 said...

How fun to know someone in person who went! I can only live vicariously through the blogs. I haven't actually seen any of the yarn in person...