Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maxwell's Alley

Dave's band Maxwell's Ally had their first gig today. Several months ago I suggested a backyard picnic. We could invite and have a party. Dave and Marco could test out a playlist in front of a low risk, friendly live audience. Today was the day.

Several Knit Knite ladies and their respective kids, and hubby attended. It was a fun time to sit, knit, listen to live music, wrangle the kids and eat. We had fabulous weather, yummy food and great company.

Check out my latest summer sweater FO, Wisteria Walk. I received a ton of compliments on the sweater. It is quite comfy. I'm with my SIL Katie, she visited for the weekend. We checked out IKEA and Kenwood Town Center yesterday, no KI it was too rainy.

This was a long, sometimes stressful but overall quite fun weekend. I got to show off my new sweater, knit and hear my hubby and his buddy perform live. Much fun.

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