Monday, November 09, 2009

Halloween and Stitch Markers

Greetings one's of readers! I know at least one person reads this blog. So let's just jump back in shall we? Behold The Boy Who Lived Weasley Sweater I knitted for Henry LAST YEAR. Ok. Knitting children's sweaters a bit large is not a BAD idea, it's a GOOD idea. Kids grow.

The sweater, along with some Channel eye liner for a lightening shaped forehead scar, were quite the hit for Henry's Harry Potter Halloween costume this year. Pretty much EVERYONE recognized H's costume.

We raided the dress up, clothes we already have, dollar store for our costumes this year. Evelyn wore her green fairy/princess skirt and bolero Grandma Sue made her for Christmas a few years back. We augmented it with some Bright Green dollar store fairy accessories, some black clothing she already had and finished it off with a pair of lovely Noro leggings inspired by Lyra's leggings in The Golden Compass. So we had a Handknit Halloween!

I've been itching to knit lace. I've been wearing my Swallowtail and Kiri shawls recently. Oh how I love them. They add a little warmth, a splash of color and texture. I love them. This is Gail (Nightsongs) in Knit Picks Gossamer in Sweat Pea.

I crashed and burned during my first attempt on the Nightsongs shawl. I used all locking stitch markers and missed the very important center marker. I decided to toss my stitch marker stash.

Top row from left to right we have a section of drinking straw, yes I have resorted to drinking straw bits in the past. Knit Picks split ring markers, Knit Picks locking stitch marker, I don't like either of the Knit Pick's stitch markers, they are stiff, break easily and the pointy part of the open one is too pointy. The one of the end is a Grandma Janette stash old school plastic O ring. I think they were intended for hanging curtains somehow. I love them.

Middle row from left to right. Surprise stitch markers included in my Crazy 4 Dying yarn, I love these. One of my set of "Boob" markers from Just A Knit Wit's Etsy store. One of two markers I received from Laura from Crazy Miss Finch a few years ago. One of my favorites. It's metal wire and beads. I really like this construction. She has a tutorial, scroll down to find the stitch markers.

Bottom Row thank you markers from Cyrano's Creature Comforts Drive.

The continuous metal wire and bead markers are my favorite. They are the least likely to come apart and get caught on the project in my experience.

I'm here and I knitting. I have more projects to share but many are Holiday gifts so I'll wait to post pics.

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Robin said...

I have great stitch markers from
inexpensive and no snag!