Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Two Year Ravelrversary to Me

Today marks my two year Ravelversary. Wow two years have passed since I activated my Ravelry account. I know I'm a better knitter now then what I was back then.

I am grateful for the organization, the information, the discussion and the friendship I've found via Ravelry.

So in knitting news I'm pounding through my Nightsong shawl. I'm starting the final repeat and am excited about the edge chart.

I spent some serious quality time with my Holiday planning notebook last night. I now know the last few Holiday projects I want to knit for Holiday gift giving. But I want to finish the shawl first before starting any new projects.

We've been sick around here. Dave actually took work off today. Turns out H had an ear infection and is thankfully perking back up. I continue to fight my lingering cough that just does not want to go away.

Oh here is a fun knit blogging stat. This is my 555th post. How fun.

Not much else to say other then I love Ravelry!

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