Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Curtains

Dave and I have been bemoaning the lack of privacy in the family room. The roller shades do make things a bit more private, and let in some light but you can still see in from the street.

I had some brown corduroy that was intended to become curtains for H's bedroom closet but it did not happen and most likely would not have happened anyway for a long time. H's closet is just storage for now, all of his clothes are in his dresser. In the meantime the family room has a new set of curtains. The rods are from our last trip to IKEA.

It felt good to bust out the sewing machine. I used to sew quite a bit but stopped. I culled all of my old works in progress but kept all of my tools. Ok, I still have some stuff from when I was building belly dancing costumes. That was fun, lots of beads and coins, and fringe.

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