Friday, January 08, 2010

Well so far...

Happy New Year! Are you saying two thousand ten or twenty ten? I do a bit of both.

I was on a bit of a hat jag over the holidays. We received a ton of unexpected gifts from my Aunts at a family party. I decided to knit up hats as thank you gifts. Now if I could only get the thank you notes done. They are addressed and waiting personalization. Oy. JoAnn's had thick n quick on sale and I have a deep love for the Unoriginal Hat. Three Unoriginals, one Falling Leaves and one OSU/Rasta Shroom later I'm feeling a little hatted out.

I'm actually wearing the Shroom hat. It's super warm and comfortable. I'm thinking of seeing if I can find the pattern specified yarn for extra slouchiness. I'd like a solid color version. This one was a let's use up what I have hat.

Looking at the above picture reminds me of how much my blog/Ravelry project pictures suck. I know they are not great.

Check out Mister Stubbs, this is a Pasha from Knitty 2004. I've wanted to knit this up for ages. I used stash acrylic.

The knitting was fine, the seaming was not really fun. I love the FO and the kids LOVE Mister Stubbs.

I wound stash last Wednesday night while Dave's band practiced downstairs. This is random wool ease from Ruth's stash. I stuffed it in a bag and added it to the stash. I've been thinking about fair isle lately and thought it could be good for a little hat. Some quality time with my ball winder and I got this.

I also wound nearly three pounds of pink acrylic and two pounds of five of brown cotton I bought at Pat Catan's up north over the Holiday. Now to plan what to knit with it.

I'd love to knit Mother/Daughter sweaters for me and E. I'm debating patterns. I was thinking Shalom Cardigan, and Wicked, and others but can not decide. I'd like to use the 5 lbs of brown cotton but we shall see. I'd like to use stash.

I cast on a Mini K-9 last night at a Fantabulous Knit Knit. The Knit Knite Ladies are awesome and the conversation last night was fun as always. The K-9 is more micro then mini. I'm talking small. I knit up all of the pieces last night and am blocking them today to hopefully make it easier to seam this little robot dog together.

I have one long term WIP on the needles from last year. My Lizard Ridge Lap Blanket of Many Colors. It's pretty cool so far. I'm pounding through stash acrylic. One thing I've noticed is that I can't remember the pattern when I pick it back up. Part of this is just how my brain works. It's like I have to mentally start the project back up. This is one of the reasons I've been so maniacal about starting, working on then finishing a project before starting another. I struggle to get moving again. I tend to get a bit bored, frustrated in the middle of larger projects but I know it will be even harder for me to start back up so I solider on to finish. If a project is just not working I frog.

I really want to start a sweater. The pink acrylic is telling me it wants to be a Shalom Cardigan for me, held double. I see so many mods on this sweater, it's a bit overwhelming. I'm thinking it might be time to print out the actual pattern and look at the mods carefully. Not feeling like crashing and burning on a project so feeling a bit reluctant to cast on.

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Robin said...

I love the lizard Ridge lap blanket- my friend Laura designed it-have fun with it.