Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Lola, She was a Showgirl

Lola the Showgirl is complete. Her snout is a bit misshapened, and I did not have as much variegated acrylic as I hoped. Regardless she is finished and she is cute and fun and most importantly the kids love her. I enjoyed knitting her and I stash busted a bit.

Yes Lola is good sized stuffed lovie. She turned out a bit bigger then I expected. It's all good.

Speaking of Good. Are you excited? Come on the Winter Olympics/Ravelympics are starting next Friday! I'm so excited. Knit Knite buddy Ann designed our team Logo. Check out this fab logo.

In other knitting news I have one wip that's been languishing a bit for the past few months. MyAmazing Technicolor Lizard Ridge Lap Blanket is going on 5+ months in WIP status. I tried to start one more project before the Ravelympics tonight and just could not do it, it was not happening so I frogged the few rows I started and brought out the stash busting rainbow lap blanket of doom.

While I love the concept and my progress so far I loath to work on this project. I do not enjoy the yarn. I don't mind a little bit of acrylic now and then, especially for little knitted toys, but this much in one project is driving me crazy.

I have a plan. I measured the width and plan on knitting it to the same length thus creating a square. It will not be adult lap blanket sized per se but it will be bright and fun and somewhat symmetrical and will have used up some stash acrylic and will be fun for on the back of my desk chair on to cover E's Bitty Baby or for H to play trains on, etc.

Most importantly I want to just get it finished and in the FO column preferably before the Ravelypics start next week. I only need a few more inches. I can do this then cast this puppy off. Then I will be WIP free.

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Liz said...

Lola is cute but GEEZ! I'm singing.....
at the Copa, Copa Cabana... That song gets stuck too....