Monday, May 10, 2010

Look at me Blogging

I'm blogging! Look, fast, or you will miss it!

I finished the Valpuri, it's not a perfect mod but I'm incredibly proud of this summer sweater. I love the color, dark brown is one of my favorites.

I felt the need to knit up a little dishcloth between the recorder case pictured below and casting on the Tonal Haruni. Behold the Twilight Cabbage. The backstory is that this is a little patch of cabbages for the Vegetarian Twilight Vamps to nom on instead of humans. The colorway is Midnight Magic. Too fun!

E is playing recorder in her music class. She retested a knitted case for her new recorder to match her BELOVED knitted PIG. It's the Hugs and Kisses cable. The Knit Knite Ladies had a field day with this one.

Yay for Tonal Haruni! This pattern rocks. The charts are HUGE, so easy to read and follow. Why can't all lace charts be this big and clear? LOVE IT! Love the Stroll Tonal! Love it! I started this shawl on the first try. That's a long way from my first attempts at triangle shawls. LONG WAY.

Happy Knitting!


NextVanGogh said...

Cant wait to see the shawl in person! Awesome sweater by the way it looked great on you, though I didn't get a chance to tell you last week!

Jackie F. said...

Glad you're enjoying both the yarn and pattern on the shawl! Stroll Tonal is awesome -- I just ordered some more.